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  • (Q) What happens when I sign up?
    1) Choose your action - View Products, My Referrals, My Profile.
    2) See the Products available and educate yourself on them. We provide the website, a brochure, and a contact person.
    3) Refer your client to a chosen Product.
    4) View your active and historical referrals and track their status.
    5) View your referral details and communicate with the Product for follow ups.
    6) Provide bank account details and get paid!
  • (Q) Is it free to become a Member?


  • (Q) Who can become a Member?

    Our target Members are immigration professionals who want to offer new products/services to their clients, whether through active promotion or simply when their clients ask them for guidance in Canada. That being said, any individual or company that wants to promote these products through the use of is welcome to register as a Member.

  • Product Partners

  • (Q) What kind of Products are available for my clients?

    Our Product Partners are carefully selected industry leaders who provide a wide range of products, services, and investment opportunities. Currently, they cover the following industries:


    • Real estate (condominiums in major cities)
    • English language schools
    • Summer Camps
    • Various immigration programs for investors
    • Private medical services
    • Wealth and succession planning services
    • Other investment opportunities
  • (Q) How do I become a Product Partner?

    Please contact us

  • Troubleshooting

  • (Q) I forgot my login email or password. What should I do?

    To reset your password, please click here and follow the instructions.

    To retrieve your log in email, please contact us.

  • (Q) I get an error when I submit my “sign up” request. What should I do?

    Please contact us immediately for assistance.

  • Confidentiality

  • (Q) As a Member, will my information be published on

    No. Your information is completely confidential and is not published or available to other Members. When you sign up, you can view only the Product Partner information, NOT other Members.

    You can read additional details in our Privacy Policy.

  • (Q) As a Product Partner, what information will others see about me?

    As a Product Partner, only Members will see this information. Product Partners do not have the capability to view information on other Product Partners. In addition, you choose the information to be made available to Members but we generally ask for:

    • website address;
    • contact person who will be available to potential clients and Members;
    • marketing materials of your products/services/offerings.

    Other Product Partners or 3rd parties will not have access to this information.

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