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ClientReferrals is the leading service provider to Immigrant Investor industry professionals such as Lawyers, Consultants, Bankers, Family Offices, and many others who serve a high net worth clientèle. 
Our company was founded by individuals who have decades of experience in this industry and unlike other players in this industry, we do not market our services directly to investors. Rather, we focus our energy on serving our B2B Partners around the world, sharing our expertise with them and providing them with the tools and services they need to serve their clients, and grow their businesses. 

The immigration programs and other products that we offer are hand-picked and go through our vigorous vetting process; thanks to this vetting process and our unparalleled service levels, you can be confident you are referring your highly valued VIP clientèle to the appropriate partners.

If you have been working with us already - Thank you for your trust. If you are considering referring your first client - Please contact us and you will be pleased by the services we can deliver. Whatever the case may be, we look forward to working with you and helping you grow your business

High Quality Products

Immigration Programs

We create, promote and manage exclusive and unique immigrant investor programs.

Real Estate

Thanks to our partnership with reputable developers, we bring real estate investment opportunities to global investors.

Wealth Management

In collaboration with our sister company, Sherbrooke Street Capital, high net worth individuals can access reputable and experienced wealth management services.

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